Giving Great Feedback

We're an open-source community dedicated to making delightful search results for everyone, often with zero clicks. We do this using existing APIs, external data sets, or just some well-placed code.

Our best Instant Answers have evolved as a result of tons of great feedback from passionate users and contributors to our community. No one knows what makes an awesome experience than the people who use an Instant Answer themselves.

Right Now: Help Us Bang on Programming Instant Answers

Right now our focus as a community is on programming-related Instant Answers. If you want to help improve Instant Answers and point out issues for the community to work on, here's how to get started:

  1. First, visit our Programming Language Coverage Checklist to view potential and existing Instant Answers for programming-related topics.

  2. Find a topic that you frequently search, and visit the specific Instant Answer page by clicking the letter(s) inside a box.

  3. Click some of the example queries to see it in action

  4. Try to break it with other test queries that you'd expect to be covered

  5. Found something unexpected or sub-optimal? Use the "Create Issue" button on the IA page to raise a GitHub issue.

Things to Look for

  • Any issues with interactions on either desktop and mobile?

  • Could this information be surfaced with fewer clicks?

  • Are related queries triggering the Instant Answer?

  • How can the developer improve the query space?

  • Any typos, errors, or accuracy mistakes?

  • Is it fast? APIs should respond in under 1 second. Does this particular Instant Answer display quickly?

Feedback Channels

Our community hangs out on our Forum and in Slack. You can learn about all of the ways you can receive and give feedback here. It's never too early to say hello.