Tools at Your Disposal

So you've submitted your pull request! Congratulations. You'll now forever receive due credit every time your Instant Answer appears.

You can edit your attribution field on your Instant Answer page.

The best Instant Answers get even better after they launch. They evolve and improve over time with real-world feedback.

Great Instant Answers are actively maintained by passionate contributors who care deeply about the topic. Here is what they tend to do:

Monitor Your Instant Answer Page

The easiest way to keep track of your Instant Answer is in the long term is your Instant Answer page. It is where users will provide feedback and create issues.

Instant Answer pages are the home base for planning, collaboration, and metadata. Your Instant Answer page will show any Github issues and let you know what stage your contribution is in. For example, you can check your IA page to know when your code goes up on the beta server.

Contributors can also see a traffic report of their specific Instant Answer:

You can see an overview of all Instant Answers that are in progress, and live, on the Dev Overview page. Create a new Instant Answer page here.

Keep your IA page updated. Change your triggers? New Perl package name? Better example queries? Make sure to keep your Instant Answer page reflecting your contribution. What's nice is that screenshots will updated automatically.

Incorporate feedback from related communities

Share your Instant Answer with communities who similarly care about the topic. Get their feedback as users. What would make their experience better?

Share your work and ask for feedback in the Forum, prod the DuckDuckHack community on Slack as well. Let them know you're looking for fresh pairs of eyes!

Keep an eye on data sources and relevance

High-quality sources of data are hard to come by on the web. Keeping tabs on your data source - or new data sources that may surface - is the most fundamental way to maintain delightful results.

Refine the query space

Over time you'll notice and receive feedback on opportunities to make your Instant Answer more relevant to queries. That means both finding new triggers/queries to cover, and some to filter for.

Respond to issues in a timely manner

Check in on your IA page to see what issues other community members have filed. It's nice to acknowledge them in a timely manner, even if at the moment you can just say "Thank you, I have received/considered this."

If there are real performance issues with an Instant Answer you maintain, they should be handled immediately and/or should seek help from staff.